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Hi my name is Willbliss and I am a laid off restaurant worker because of Covid-19.

I am pangender, pansexual, and a single parent of two young children that keep me young and also tired! I am a transracial, transnational adoptee from Korea. For a time the ocean, stars, and moon raised me while I raised my siblings and I still draw on these forces for spiritual guidance. Drawing and writing were my sanctuary activities during my tumultuous childhood impacted by many deaths, many forced relocations, and the fracturing these can cause on a young heart and mind.

Being LGBTQ during this pandemic builds upon a foundation of fierce mutual exchange of care and attention. Connecting with people virtually is easy considering many of my long-term friendships are also long-distance and we built this foundation for many years. Isolation in quarantine is not so easy though, especially as every week there are more and more deaths to hold space for, each one touching my childhood attachment wounds, each one an opportunity for healing. Fear of loss has made me reflect on what I want out of life, transplanting the seeds of my dreams and deepest human connections with the uncertainty of time which may not be granted, for a future which may not exist, yet we must keep reaching out with our roots. With loved ones, I am planning an earthship community centering QTIBPOC and also going back to midwifery studies.

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