LGBTQ+ Older Adults Wellness Study

robin edgell

Robin Edgell is the Project Coordinator for the new LGBTQ+ Older Adults Wellbeing Study. Robin has lived in Tucson since November, having moved here from New Jersey.  She received her Master of Social Work from the Rutgers University School of Social Work in New Jersey in May of 2018, with a focus on elder needs and issues.  While there, she worked with the LGBTQ & Intercultural Resource Center, empowering the LGBTQ student population of Rutgers to advocate for themselves and others.  As an Air Force Veteran, Robin is acutely aware that we are all interconnected in our community and that we all impact our community in different ways.  She is excited to start work on this project and hopes that her work with the LGBTQ+ Institute will improve the lives of our LGBTQ+ older adults in Tucson and across Pima County.