Accessibility Information

The LGBTQ+ Institute is located at 1533 E Helen St. We have ensured that our space accessible. Please feel free to message us if you have any access points you'd like to see in our new space or have any questions before visiting us.

  • ASL/CART: Through the UArizona Disability Resource Center we are able to request ASL interpretation and CART captioning for our in-person, hybrid, and virtual events. Due to UArizona policy, the request must be attached to an individual, they do not allow us to provide these services pre-emptively, even though we would like to. If you'd like to request these services for any event, please contact us and we are more than happy to schedule ASL or CART. They request at least 72 hours notice for the requests, if possible.
  • Wheelchair and mobility devices: We work to schedule all of our events in spaces that can be accessed by individuals using mobility devices and wheelchairs. Since venues are often changing for our events, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out and we are happy to inform you on any specifics. We do try to publish any limitations or potential concerns (curbs, gravel, etc.) in the detailed event information during registration. Maps and access information for spaces on campus can be found here: and we work to create our own maps when holding events off-campus that will be included in the event registration information. We are also happy to do virtual walkthroughs in advance for most spaces to allow individuals to be as comfortable as possible when accessing the space.
  • Scent: We ask that individuals do not wear scents to our in-person events to ensure that the maximum number of participants can engage safely in the space. We also ask that individuals who choose to smoke do so outside of any of our event spaces to accommodate everyone attending.
  • Sound/light: For our virtual events, this is something we can help walk you through for your own computer or mobile device, to optimize your comfort and experience. For in-person events that are workshops, lectures, etc., we do not anticipate excessive sound/light. For events that have music, performances, etc., we will provide ear plugs and sunglasses to participants who need to ensure maximum comfort during an event. If you have specific concerns, we are always happy to discuss more directly with you about those concerns.
  • Restrooms: All of our events will be held in spaces that have access to an all-gender, wheelchair accessible restroom. If the space does not already have a designated restroom, we will ensure that the space converts one of the restrooms for the duration of our event.
  • Spaces: Currently, the majority of our regular programming is virtual. We aim to have hybrid components to in-person events we have and there should be an option when you register or detailed information on flyers that go out.

Please feel free to reach out to discuss any specific questions or concerns. Our goal is to always ensure every event is as accessible as possible and to be transparent when an event is unable to meet an access need, so individuals can make the best decision for themselves regarding attendance.