Mirrored Fatality


SSS is a first-generation American queer Desi Muslim who is a healer in progress, community organizer, multi-medium artivist, and creator through shapeshifting means, modalities, and mediums born and based in Los Angeles. They are a performance artist, musician, photographer, filmmaker, and painter. They have created a zine documenting their experiences as a queer Muslim and have sold copies and donated proceeds to Equality Labs. They have creatively directed multiple photoshoots including one on racial fetishism of women and femmes of color and one surrounded healing for QTBIPOC. They also showcase their paintings and drawings at different art shows across Los Angeles, San Diego, and the Bay Area. They have spearheaded and curated 3 art shows: including "Manifesting Malleability" an art show surrounding care, healing, and collective care for QTPOC, "Cosmic Not Exotic Art Show" an art show about racial fetishism and decolonization for women of color, "FLORA* Forgiveness Love Rejuvenation Auras QTPOC Art Show" an art show of QTPOC multimedia artists. These art shows showcased some of their photography, poetry, a film they directed called STRENGTH, and paintings. They currently perform as Mirrored Fatality which an experimental punk and ancestral ritual project. Through this project, they do vocals and play bass as well as write lyrics, manage the show, and organize events. They have performed in Bangkok, Tijuana, Los Angeles, Joshua Tree, The Bay Area, Santa Barbara, and across California. They desire to work toward the vision of a world where the structures of power that allow for imperialism, violence, and other forms of oppression are destroyed.