Call for organisations and individuals to sign on to the Canberra Statement on the access to safety and justice for LGBTIQ+ asylum seekers and refugees. 

Read the full statement and sign on to it here:

Canberra Statement was produced as an outcome of the Queer Displacements: Sexuality, Migration and Exile, the first Australian conference on LGBTIQ+ asylum that was held in November 2019 on the grounds of ANU. 

The statement details the ongoing human rights abuses and discrimination that LGBTIQ+ asylum seekers and refugees are experiencing not only in their countries of origin but en route to safety and in host countries. 

The statement sets out reforms needed to ensure access to safety and justice for LGBTIQ+ asylum seekers and refugees. 

The statement calls for a global solidarity with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer asylum seekers, refugees and other forcibly displaced people. 

We are calling on the organisations and individuals to sign on to the statement and use this statement as a policy guide to their work. #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs #QueerDisplacements#CanberraStatement

Canberra statement was written by Tina Dixson (Queer Displacement co-convenor), Renee Dixson (Queer Displacement co-convenor) and Eliana Rubashkyn (co-founder Rainbow Path New Zealand) and consulted with the attendees of the Queer Displacements Conference.

See Eithne Luibhéid's request for information about the numbers of immigrants admitted to the United States based on same-sex marriage and the USCIS response.

Link to ‘La Caravana de la Resistencia’ by Maria Inés Taracena, about the trans-gay caravan of asylum seekers that arrived in the United States in 2017:


Queer Alternatives to Border Walls

Given the QMN’s commitment to transforming and abolishing violent nation-state immigration controls, we’ve taken this space to highlight several queer alternatives to the proposed U.S./Mexico border wall, which were created by artist collectives and design firms from around the world. 

Online roundtable marking the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in Boutilier (that affirmed the deportation of a migrant for having sex with other men) at OutHistory, May 2017.

UCD Humanities Institute, podcast featuring Prof. Eithne Luibhéid.

Eithne Luibhéid - Homonationalism, Migration Controls, and Queer Futures

In this episode a recording from Queering Ireland 2015, which took place in Boston College in August. The conference was co-hosted by UCD Humanities Institute and St Mary's University Halifax and this podcast features a keynote lecture by Eithne Luibhéid from the University of Arizona. Her paper was entitled "Homonationalism, Migration Controls, and Queer Futures".

Imagine Otherwise - Ideas On Fire, podcast featuring Prof. Karma Chavez.

Episode 19: Karma Chávez, author of Queer Migration Politics

Imagine Otherwise is a podcast about the people and projects bridging art, activism, and academia to build better worlds. Karma R. Chávez is an associate professor in the Department of Mexican American and Latino/a Studies at the University of Texas – Austin.