Queer Conexiones - Queer Migrations Scholar Karma Chávez on "Imagine Otherwise" Podcast

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Karma Chavez speaks on the "Imagine Otherwise" Podcast, created by Cathy Hannabach, about Queer Migration Politics. Queer migration politics refers to an inherently coalitional formation where queer and immigration politics converge in a variety of ways, through which we can learn what is and is not possible by understanding the variations of this formation. Karma has collobrated in work around queer migration with the Institute FAC (Faculty Advisory Committee) member Eithne Luibhéid on the Queer Migration Research Network, well as with current Director Adela C. Licona on queer and coalitional possibility.

Listen to her interview with Cathy Hannabach on "Imagine Otherwise" here.

Karma R. Chávez is an associate professor in the Department of Mexican American and Latino/a Studies at the University of Texas – Austin. She is co-editor of Text + Field: Innovations in Rhetorical Method (with Sara McKinnon, Robert Asen and Robert Glenn Howard, Penn State Press, 2016), Standing in the Intersection: Feminist Voices, Feminist Practices in Communication Studies (with Cindy L. Griffin, SUNY Press, 2012), and author of Queer Migration Politics: Activist Rhetoric and Coalitional Possibilities (University of Illinois Press, 2013). Karma is also a member of the radical queer collective Against Equality, an organizer for LGBT Books to Prisoners, and until recently a host of the radio program, “A Public Affair” on Madison’s community radio station, 89.9 FM WORT. In Madison, she worked closely with several community organizations on issues surrounding queer, racial, economic and immigrant justice and she hopes to do the same in Austin.