Edith Macias



Edith “Chata” Macias is a trans non-binary artist from South East Los Angeles, CA. They double majored in Ethnic Studies and Anthropology from the University of California, Riverside. Chata is a visual artist who is learning to love their art as it comes- no signature style, no expectations, just doing. They’ve tapped into mediums like watercolor, oil pastels, and digital design. As someone who lives with chronic anxiety and ptsd, creative expression serves as a method for emotional regulation and healing. In spite of their experience with housing insecurity early on in the pandemic, Chata used their time to further explore their artistry by experimenting with new mediums and trying new styles. They dedicate their art to the youth in their life who remind them that a 10 second doodle can make someone’s day. To Adrian whose doodles he gifts them remind Chata that they are loved. To Brandon whose love for glitter and the color black inspire creativity in Chata’s heart. 

Illustration [shows a cartoon version of myself in the bottom left corner of the page, smoking a cbd cigarette. On the upper right hand corner is a sketch of my two baby siblings and my niece among stars. Cigarette smoke is rising toward the sky. Inside the drawing of myself, my brothers, and my niece is a letter. Highlighted red text read "protect your spirit" and "i love you". All this is on a solid dark blue sky.]

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