DiAn Dviation


DiAnDviation Drippingi - painting

DiAn Dviation is a queer artist and storyteller creating works about intersections in identity, confrontations with shadow, and the ever present battle for balance. He pulls from aspects of his life and research to create stories first. That's followed by the challenge of creating the still art piece by freezing and capturing moments of juxtaposition or dissonance. DiAn enjoys creating art about underrepresented bodies, minds, and practices. While much of his art is inspired by real life events, he also borrows the stories of friends. He finds it important to share the stories of marginalized people, because learning people's personal journeys can be informative, heartwarming, and entertaining. This variety is often lost in the mainstream. DiAn finds it pivotal that the stories and creations of marginalized people are shared and celebrated. Not just the trauma that many have survived but the whimsy, lightheartedness, and magic that is real as well.




Acrylic mixed media

Acrylic mixed media

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