Ang Woon


they/them/theirs & ze/hir/hirs

Mx. Ang Woon is a 3rd-generation, nonbinary, Chinese-American writer, spoken word artist, amateur contortionist, and introspective writing+mindset coach. They are adamantly for marginalized people, and against all oppression and injustice. They are a strong empath, emerging entrepreneur, and aporagender dynamo. Ang has created and facilitated 100+ unique API- (Asian and Pacific Islander), POC- (people of color), and LGBT-specific workshop sessions in the past five years, as Chair of Queer & Asian @ SJSU. They have also shared about their life experiences as a speaker on the Santa Clara County LGBT Youth Speakers Bureau and the Suicide Prevention Speakers Bureau, for two years each. As a mindset coach, Ang helps folks arrive at their ideal selves & lives. Their favorite thing to do is to support, guide, and watch as their clients transform into versions of themselves that can do things they once thought were impossible. As an amateur contortionist, Ang loves to experience the gradual increases in skill that come with lots of practice. Contortion training, in strength, endurance, and flexibility, helps Ang manage their anxiety and stress. This is one of the main benefits for them. As a spoken word artist, Ang feels that they can truly convey the complex and nuanced feelings that come with being who they are: a unique, multi-faceted, sensitive, and moderately-marginalized person of color in today's society.