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Adela C. Licona is Interim Director of the University of Arizona's Institute for LGBT Studies, Associate Professor of English, Associate Chair of the GIDP in Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory, and affiliated faculty in...more

Graduate Research Assistant

Harrison Apple (they/them pronouns) is the Graduate Research Asssistant at the Institute for LGBT Studies. They are a doctoral student in the department of Gender and Women's Studies, as well as pursuing a minor in Information with a special...more

Administrative Assistant
Project Director/Archivist for the Arizona Queer Archives //
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Jamie A. Lee is Assistant Professor of Digital Culture, Information, and Society in the School of Information, UA. Her dissertation, A Queer/ed Archival Methodology: Theorizing Practice through Radical Interrogations of the Archival Body...more

Program Coordinator

As the program coordinator for the Institute, Kristen is responsible for managing events and scholarly programs. She is also a founder and the Executive Director of Casa Libre en la Solana, a non-profit...more

Program Coordinator/Transgender Studies Initiative
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Dani Stuchel is Program Coordinator for the Transgender Studies Initiative and interim Managing Editor of Transgender Studies Quarterly. Within the Institute, it assists faculty, students, and community members in developing...more