Fall 2011

ANT 202: Culture & Sexuality

Pima Community College (course transferable to all Arizona universities)
Downtown Campus
Professor Francisca James Hernández, Anthropology Program, Pima Community College

ANTH 495B: Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology:
The Anthropology of Social Movements
*Not restricted to majors
Professor Susan Shaw

EDL 270: Social Justice Leadership
Instructor: Tina Neil

ENG/GWS 351A-001 Introduction to Lesbian & Gay Literature
Professor David Robinson

ENGL 596S - Youth, Sexuality, Health, and Rights
Professor Adela Licona

GWS 150 B4: LGBTQ Studies
Instructor: TBA

GWS 300: Special Topics in GWS: “Sex and the City”
Instructor: November Papaleo
GWS/MAS 307: Chicana Feminisms
Professor Sandy Soto

GWS 309: Queer Theory
Professor Adam Geary

GWS 539A: Feminist Theories I
Professor Miranda Joseph

GWS 639: Feminist & Related Social Movements
Professor Laura Briggs
GWS 645: Psychoanalysis & Cultural Theory
Professor Adam Geary

GWS 696 G: Queer Theories
Professor Sandy Soto

MAS 150B1: Sex and AIDS in the 21st Century
Professor Antonio Estrada

POL 335: Gender and Politics
Professor V. Spike Peterson, International Relations

POL 433: Feminist Political Theory
Professor V. Spike Peterson, International Relations

PSY 364-CC 701: Human Sexuality Correspondence Course

SOC 150 B2: Sex and Gender
Professor Louise Roth

SOC 324: Sociology of Sexuality Online Course
Instructor: Sarah Strand