Deep Dish - Huevos Rancheros: The Sexual Comedy of Mexican Masculinity

Thursday, January 19, 2017 -
12:30pm to 1:30pm
Liliana C. Gonzalez, PhD Candidate
McClelland Park Room 206

This talk explores humor and its place in contemporary understandings of masculinity and sexuality within Mexican popular culture by looking specifically at the HuevoCartoon (Egg cartoon) episodes “Huevos Rancheros.” While the representation of same-sex desire within mainstream Mexican culture may be carried out in many instances as comedic relief to elude the unnerving presence of queerness, the “Huevos Rancheros” ironize hetero-masculinity through a satire that accentuates homoeroticism as fundamental to Mexican male camaraderie “compadrismo.” Focusing on the Mexican albur (double entendre), I will discuss how the cartoon visually and semantically subverts enduring conceptions of sexuality by using humor to render the Mexican “macho” as a fraying but still relevant archetype. As a cultural product, “Huevos Rancheros” in many ways symbolizes the transition from a nostalgic and rigid view of masculinity associated with the “ranchero” or “vaquero” (cowboy) style–––that is at the same time linked to conceptions of nation and mexicanidad toward emergent understandings of gender and sexuality in Mexican neoliberalism and post-nationalism.

Liliana C. González is a PhD student in Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Arizona with a minor in Gender and Women’s Studies. Her research interests include discourses of gender and sexuality in Latino/a/x, Mexican, and Latin American cultural studies. Liliana is currently finishing her dissertation titled, “Reading the Narcosphere: A Queer Critique of Hemispheric Narco Cultural Production,” which interrogates the relationship between critiques of neoliberal structures and discourses of gender and sexuality tied to social difference in narco cultural production.

*Please note that the McClelland Park Building is located on Park Avenue between E. Lowell Street and 4th Street.*

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