Deep Dish - Gender and Identity in Contemporary Art

Thursday, March 10, 2016 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm
Brooke Grucella
McClelland Park Building, Room 402
This presentation will focus on a survey of emerging LGBTQ contemporary artists who explore gender and identity within their work. These multi-disciplinary artists utilize an array of mediums to question the politics of sex, gender, identity, and social perception. The works produced are intended to promote critical thinking about the way we understand gender and identity while attempting to change the larger landscape of contemporary art.
Brooke Grucella is a professor of practice and curator for the School of Art’s three gallery spaces, as well as guest curates for the University of Arizona three gallery spaces, as well as guest curates for the University of Arizona Museum of Art. She currently teaches Gallery Management and the Art of Subculture in the School of Art. Brooke’s current curatorial research focuses on contemporary international artists who utilize street influences and relational aesthetics as a means of cultural commentary and social interaction. She is interested in work that incorporates nontraditional approaches of creation as a method to straddle the limitations of traditional gallery sites. Brooke received her MFA from Arizona State University. Her visual research considers how collective consumer culture and its by-products become signifiers for memories. She has exhibited work with White Walls Gallery, San Francisco, California; Thinkspace Gallery, Santa Monica, California; and will be participating in FrontRunners: Women/Advocates/Artists exhibition at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art in October 2016.