2018 Spring Deep Dish


Bea Velázquez, Program Coordinator
Institute for LGBT Studies

“Veme: Queering Phoenix – Representation in Our Hands “


Women’s Resource Center

A Womb of their Own film screening & conversation


Alejandra Ramírez, PhD Candidate
Department of English (RCTE)

Ruben Zecena, PhD Student
Department of Gender & Women’s Studies

“’The Dirt Under My Mom’s Fingernails:’ Queer Retellings and Migrant Sensualities”


James Sheldon, PhD Student
Department of Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies

“Obtaining Conference Travel Funding as an LGBTQ Graduate Student: Strategies, Tips, and Idea Sharing”


No Deep Dish this week!

Please join us for our 2018 Miranda Joseph Endowed Lecture, “Visionary Aesthetics: Flight, Fantasy, & Freedom on the Frontiers of US Empire,” by Professor Ronak K. Kapadia at 6PM in the Center for Creative Photography. Reception to follow.

Professor Emma Pérez
Southwest Center

“Undoing Coloniality: The Extractive Zone’s Decolonial Queer Femme Vision”


Professor Sony Bolton
Department of Spanish & Portuguese

“Cripping Assimilation Genres: Latinx and Filipinx Crip Epistemologies in Transpacific Encounter”


Tony Colella, PhD Student
School of Geography & Development

“The Queer Science”


Professor Eric Plemons
School of Anthropology

“Access to Surgery without Surgeons: The Gap in US Trans- Surgical Capacity and What Happens Next


Anushka Peres, PhD Candidate
Department of English (RCTE)

"Tree-hugging, Tree-Loving: Nature Photographs and the Eco-Intimate Encounter"