Sexualities and Homeland (In)Securities (April 11, 2006) - Borders, Migration and Globalization

Sexualities and Homeland (In)Securities Conference

On April 11, 2006, LGBT Studies hosted a national conference that critically examined how sexual politics has become a critical terrain for local, national and global “homeland security” strategies. The presenters addressed how struggles for sexual, racial, gender, economic, and cultural justice have been affected and reconfigured as a result.

 Queering Global Economics and Imperialisms

 Kath Weston, Harvard University
“Assume the Position: Imperial Security, Unnatural Offences, and the Politics of Surmise”

Paul Amar, University of California, Santa Barbara
“Militarizing Police Masculinity, Queering Global Security Economies: Vice Policing and New Urban Colonialism in Brazil, Egypt and the US”

 Alliances and Activisms

Cathy Busha, Wingspan, and Kat Rodriguez, Coalición de Derechos Humanos and Alianza Indígena Sin Fronteras
“Strange Bedfellows? - Immigrant and Queer Organizing in Southern Arizona”

Montserrat Caballero, Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault
“Borders: Working Toward Ending Violence Against Migrant Women”

Surviving Insecurities

Jean Braucher, University of Arizona
“Over-indebtedness and Financial Insecurity”
Heather McClure, University of Oregon
“Human Rights and Sexual Minorities in Latin America and in United States Asylum Law”

Artist Presentation

Elsa E’Der, San Francisco
“Fear Factor on the Right/Fear Factor on the Left: One Queer Grrl's Look at Power & Alliances”
Co-sponsored by College of Humanities, the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, the Commission on the Status of Women, Anthropology, Geography and Regional Planning, Spanish and Portuguese, Women’s Studies, and the Udall Center
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