Research Clusters 2010-11

The Institute for LGBT Studies funds Research Clusters that bring faculty, students, and community members together to investigate a common question or issue, in ways that enhance individuals' research agendas, build local and national alliances and generate public events at the University of Arizona and in Tucson.

Four Research Clusters, which reflect the diversity of LGBT scholarship at UA, were awarded funding from the Institute for LGBT Studies for AY 2010-2011:

LGBTQ Youth: Data Analysis, Interpretation, and Technical Transfer to Inform on a Research Agenda

Organizer: Sally Stevens, Southwest Institute for Research on Women (SIROW)
Description: The purpose of the Research Cluster continues to be: 1) to analyze, interpret and disseminate outcome findings with regard to data collected from participants enrolled in the Eon Prism Project, and 2) to use this information to illuminate critical research questions and accelerate a research agenda with regard to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQQ) adolescents and young adults.
Members: Claudia Powell (SIROW), Jo Korchmaros, (SIROW), Rosi Andrade (SIROW), Jennifer Vanderleest (Department of Family and Community Medicine), Stephen Russell, (Norton School of Family & Consumer Sciences), Khara Ellasante (Wingspan), EON - Youth Advisory Board (Wingspan).

Oral History in Arizona IV: Technology, Gender, Race, Class, Sexuality, and Community

Organizers: Eliane Rubinstein-Avila Teaching, Learning, and Sociocultural Studies, and Amanda Wray, English

Description: Our group aims to strengthen and deepen oral history research and teaching across disciplines. The cluster embraces a variety of approaches to oral history, and supports a range of research projects that engage different methods and practices of oral history data collection. The activities of our group will include, but are not limited to, fostering cross-discipline collaboration, engaging conversation about current methodological issues facing the field of oral history, discussing practices that allow for the best representation our target research populations, and soliciting and providing feedback on written research. In 2010-2011, we would like to continue to learn about the NVivo and Atlas software tools. We may also conduct mock interviews so that those who are new to the practice of oral history data collection can have a live demonstration followed by a discussion. Lastly, we may have a booth at the Tucson Book Festival in March 2011. Presenting our research at the Festival would be a wonderful opportunity to connect the public with our work and practices of oral history research.

Members: Liz Lapovsky Kennedy (Gender and Women’s Studies), Rosario Carrillo (Mexican American Studies), Raquel Rubio Goldsmith (Mexican American Studies), Maribel Alvarez (Southwest Center), Adela C. Licona (English), Mari Galup (Gender and Women’s Studies), Erin Durban (Gender and Women’s Studies), Adrian Flores (Gender and Women’s Studies), Andy Costello (Art History), Emily Weirich (Art History), Dereka Rushbrook (Geography), Jamie Lee (Independent Filmmaker).

Subjectivities, Sexualities, and Political Cultures

Organizer: Adam Geary, Gender and Women’s Studies

Description: The purpose of this research cluster is to create a space of interdisciplinary intellectual exchange and sharing of research-in-progress that advances the research agendas and teaching capacities of cluster members. The cluster brings together faculty whose training and research topics are quite diverse but who nonetheless share a desire to understand the dynamics of subjectivity and sexuality under the current neoliberal political-economic regime. Through reading and discussing our own work, the work of contemporary sexuality studies scholars, and the theoretical works on which we and they draw, we will enrich and enable our own scholarship and teaching. In addition, we will bring an influential, feminist/sexuality scholar to Tucson for a multi-day “residency” during which they will discuss their work with audiences on and off campus. 
Members: Laura Briggs (Gender and Women’s Studies), Caryl Flinn (Gender and Women’s Studies), Carlos Gallego (English), Laura Gutiérrez (Spanish and Portuguese), Miranda Joseph, (Gender and Women’s Studies), Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy (Gender and Women’s Studies), Adela Licona (English), Eithne Luibheid (Gender and Women’s Studies and Institute for LGBT Studies), Sallie Marston (Geography), V. Spike Peterson (Political Science), Hai Ren (East Asian Studies), Sandra Soto (Gender and Women’s Studies)

Critical Hermeneutics: Feminist Inquiries into Gender, Sexuality, Power, and Subjectivity

Organizers: Laura Briggs (Gender and Women’s Studies) and Erin Leigh Durban (Gender and Women’s Studies)

Description: The purpose of Critical Hermeneutics is to develop an institutional, interdisciplinary space for queer feminist conversations about power and subjectivities that foregrounds graduate student intellectual engagement and exchange on these issues, particularly as they relate to gender and sexuality. The group will foster the formation of scholarly community outside of classroom contexts among students from different UA schools and colleges with diverse research interests that connect to gender, sexuality, power, and subjectivity—e.g. affect and public feelings, queer theory, social movements, neoliberalism, postcoloniality, and somatics. An underlying purpose of the Critical Hermeneutics cluster will be to develop a network of M.A. and Ph.D. students with the intention of mentoring new generations of scholars interested in LGBTQ studies. Faculty participants will provide guidance and mentoring as students read and discuss scholarly work and workshop their own research. Critical Hermeneutics will open up additional forums on campus to highlight graduate student work and graduate/faculty collaborations by hosting a colloquia series.

Members: Adam Geary, (Gender and Women’s Studies), Adrian Flores (Gender and Women’s Studies), Alexx Tracy-Ramirez (Law and Gender and Women’s Studies), Angela Storey (Anthropology), Bo-myung Kim (Gender and Women’s Studies), Brooke Lober (Gender and Women’s Studies), Danielle Van Dobben (Near Eastern Studies and Anthropology), Eva Romero (Spanish & Portuguese), Heather Metcalf (Higher Education), John-Michael Warner (Art History and Education), Kali Van Campen (Family and Consumer Sciences), Laura Gronewold (English), Mari Galup (Gender and Women’s Studies), Marlowe Daly-Galeano (English), Rebecca Iosca (Creative Writing and Gender and Women’s Studies), Sara Demers (Law), Shannon Randall (Gender and Women’s Studies)