Research Clusters 2009-10

The Institute for LGBT Studies funds Research Clusters that bring faculty, students, and community members together to investigate a common question or issue, in ways that enhance individuals' research agendas, build local and national alliances and generate public events at the University of Arizona and in Tucson.

Three outstanding Research Clusters, which reflect the diversity of LGBT scholarship at UA, were awarded funding from the Institute for LGBT Studies for AY 2009-2010. They are:

LGBTQ Youth: Data Analysis, Interpretation, and Technical Transfer to Inform on a Research Agenda

Organizer: Sally Stevens, Southwest Institute for Research on Women (SIROW)

Description: The purpose of the proposed research cluster is to 1) analyze, interpret and disseminate outcome findings with regard to data collected from participants enrolled in the Eon Prism Project, and 2) use this information to illuminate critical research questions and accelerate a research agenda with regard to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) adolescents and young adults.

Members: Claudia Powell (SIROW), Jo Korchmaros (SIROW), Rosi Andrade (SIROW), Jennifer Vanderleest (Department of Family and Community Medicine), Stephen Russell (Norton School of Family & Consumer Sciences), Courtney Jones (Wingspan), Khara Ellasante (Wingspan), TBA (EON - Youth Advisory Board).

Oral History Cluster III: Collective Moves Toward Sound Oral History Methodology that is Inclusive of Gender, Race, Class, Immigrant, and Sexuality Concerns in Southern Arizona

Organizer: Rosario Carrillo (Mexican American Studies)

Description: Our group aims to strengthen and deepen oral history research and teaching across disciplines. Although it will be open to consider a variety of approaches to oral history, it will have at least two foci. First, through monthly group discussions, we will explore the ways to conduct oral history work that considers gender and sexuality as they interact with age, immigration, race, and class. Second, we will support and showcase oral history projects. We will highlight the work of Jamie Lee (independent filmmaker) and Michael Frisch (the incoming president of the Oral History Association).

Members: Maribel Alvarez (Southwest Institute and English), Liz Lapovsky Kennedy (Department of Women’s Studies), Adela Licona (English), Raquel Rubio Goldsmith (Mexican American Studies), Wendy Vogt (Anthropology), Barbara Teso (Library Sciences), Jamie Lee (independent filmmaker), Amanda Wray (Anthropology), Mari Galup (Women’s Studies), Graduate Students in Carrillo’s MAS Qual. Methods Course

Subjectivities, Sexualities, and Political Cultures

Organizer: Laura Gutiérrez (Spanish and Portuguese)

Description: The purpose of this research cluster is to create a space of interdisciplinary intellectual exchange and sharing of research-in-progress that advances the research agendas and teaching capacities of cluster members. The cluster brings together faculty whose training and research topics are quite diverse but who nonetheless share a desire to understand the dynamics of subjectivity and sexuality under the current neoliberal political-economic regime. Through reading and discussing our own work, the work of contemporary sexuality studies scholars, and the theoretical works on which we and they draw, we will enrich and enable our own scholarship and teaching. The readings and discussions will be particularly concerned with issues including but not limited to: 1) subjectivity, with particular attention to affect, agency and sovereignty, and the constraints and compulsions of labor and consumption; 2) the current political-economic conjuncture (variously named neoliberalism, neoimperialism, globalization, post-Fordism), especially as constitutive of and constituted by cultural practices and milieus; 3) sexual cultures and practices in the context of borderlands, migrations and diasporas; and 4) and the development and deployment of the concept “queer of color critique.”

Members: Laura Briggs (Women’s Studies), Caryl Flinn (Women’s Studies), Carlos Gallego (English), Adam Geary (Women’s Studies), Laura Gutiérrez (Spanish and Portuguese), Miranda Joseph, (Women’s Studies), Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy (Women’s Studies), Adela Licona (English), Eithne Luibheid (Women’s Studies and Institute for LGBT Studies), Sallie Marston (Geography), V. Spike Peterson (Political Science), Hai Ren (East Asian Studies), Sandra Soto (Women’s Studies)