Research Clusters 2007-08

LGBT Studies funds research clusters that bring faculty, students, and community members together to investigate a common question or issue, in ways that enhance individuals' research agendas, build local and national alliances and generate public events at the University of Arizona and in Tucson.

Research clusters for the academic year 2007-08 are listed below:

Oral Histories of Southern Arizona

Organizer: Liz Lapovsky Kennedy, Women's Studies

This research cluster aims to strengthen and deepen oral history research and teaching across disciplines. Although it will be open to consider a variety of approaches to oral history, it will have at least two focii. First, exploring the ways to conduct oral history work that considers gender and sexuality as they interact with race and class. Second, facilitating student oral history projects in classes. Towards this end, we aim to create working bibliographies on oral history, and hold several discussion meetings or colloquia on oral history.

Transgender Youth and Health

Organizers: Stephen T. Russell, Family Studies and Human Development, and Jennifer Vanderleest, Family and Community Medicine

Description: Transgender youth are often a hidden minority within the LGBT community, as well as in social science and medical literature. The specific psychosocial and medical needs of transgender and gender-diverse youth are largely unexplored. Much of what is discussed is extrapolated from adult transgender experiences of sex work or substance abuse, or from the experiences of LGB youth. This research cluster will bring together UA colleges and programs, as well as community organizations, to address transgender and gender-diverse youth issues, particularly in the area of health. In addition, we will organize a conference to address transgender youth health issues that are of concern to educators, therapists, clinicians, youth workers, and researchers who create policies and networks of care.

Subjectivities, Sexualities, and Political Cultures

Organizers: Adam Geary, Department of Women's Studies, and Miranda Joseph, Department of Women's Studies

Description: This research cluster will bring together faculty whose training and research topics are quite diverse, but who nonetheless share a desire to understand the dynamics of subjectivity and sexuality under the current neoliberal political-economic regime. The purpose of this research cluster is to create a space of interdisciplinary intellectual exchange, advance the research agendas of cluster members, and enrich the campus and community by hosting an influential sexuality studies/queer theory scholar who will discuss his/her work with multiple audiences on and off campus.