Research Clusters 2006-07

LGBT Studies funds research clusters that bring faculty, students, and community members together to investigate a common question or issue, in ways that enhance individuals' research agendas, build local and national alliances and generate public events at the University of Arizona and in Tucson.

A call for proposals was issued in Spring 2006, which resulted in the enthusiastic endorsement of two research clusters for academic year 2006-07:

Subjectivities, Sexualities, and Political Cultures 

Organized by Professors Miranda Joseph and Sandy Soto

This research cluster brings together faculty whose training and research topics are quite diverse but who nonetheless share a desire to understand the dynamics of subjectivity under the current neoliberal political-economic regime. The purpose of the Cluster is to create a space of interdisciplinary intellectual exchange, advance the research agendas of the cluster members, and bring our discussions to a broader audience by hosting a visit to Tucson of an influential sexuality studies/queer theory scholar who will discuss her/his work with a variety of audiences on and off campus.

Linking Research on LGBT Youth with Educational Policy 

Organized by Professor Stephen Russell

A handful of researchers in the U.S. conduct research on LGBT youth in schools, and are engaged in linking their work to policy efforts at the local (classroom, school, or school-district) and state levels. Similarly, a small group of policy influentials (policy makers, advocates, and systems thinkers) are working to shape local and state educational policy in key locations in the U.S. The purpose of this Research Cluster is to create a forum for collaboration between these leaders, by convening a national meeting in Tucson in 2007 to identify the most productive and influential directions for linking research on LGBT youth with educational policy.