Fall 2013 & Spring 2014

Course number Course Name Instructor
GWS 300 Trans and Genderqueer Literature TC Tolbert
GWS  306  African-American Autobiographies:  Women and Their Histories Staff
GWS  307 Chicana Feminisms:  History, Theory and Practice Sandra Soto
GWS  447 Women In Ancient Israel  Beth Nakhai
GWS  487 
Feminist Interpretations of Health 
Monica Casper
GWS 305 Feminist Theories Eithne Luibheid
GWS 539A Feminist Theories I Miranda Joseph 
GWS  330 Feminist Philosophy Ginger Clausen
GWS  433 Feminist Political Theory V Peterson
GWS 150B1 Gender & Contemporary Society Francisco Galarte and Staff
GWS 303 Gender and Language Qing McFatter
GWS/POL 335 Gender and Politics V. Peterson
SOC 222 Gender Identities, Interactions and Relationships Amanda Shutz
GWS  240 Gender in a Transnational World Eithne Luibheid
GWS  406  Gender and Social Identity Ana Alonso
GWS 202 HIstory of Modern Sexualities David Ortiz
GWS  253 History of Women in the United States: Colonial America to 1890 Erika Perez
GWS/LING/ANTH 309 Queer Theories Adam Geary
GWS  317 Science Fiction Studies Jennifer Croissant
EDL 270 Social Justice Leadership Corey Seemiller
ANTH696B Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology: Bodies, Genders, Sexualities Susan Shaw
GWS  300 Special Topics in Gender and Women's Studies William Simmons
GWS  160C1/ TRAD 103 Introduction to Science, Technology and Society  Jennifer Croissant
GWS  327 Women and Christianity Karen Seat
GWS  362 Women and Gender in Antiquity Marilyn Skinner
GWS  418 Women and Literature Staff
GWS  200 Women and Western Culture
Brooke Lober and Maria Galup
GWS  342 Writers, Women and the Gods Tani Sanchez