Academic Year 2010-2011

Fall 2010

CPH 330: Human Sexuality

Instructor: Mary Koss

ENGL351A: Introduction to Lesbian and Gay Literature (Part I): Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century

Instructor: David Robinson

ENGL 418: Women and Literature: What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Instructor: Lynda Zwinger

ENGL 443: Mexican-American Lit in English: Bridges and Borders: Chicana/o Literature and Identity

Instructor: Cardenas

ENGL 362: Rhetorical Traditions:  Where is the City of Ladies ? What is a brrl?  And who are Tough Guise?

Instructor: Adela Licona

GWS 305: Feminist Theories

Instructor: Adam Geary

GWS 325: Gender, Sexuality & International Migration

Instructor: Eithne Luibhéid

GWS 400-001: Special Topics in Women’s Studies 

Instructor: Miranda Joseph

GWS 498: Senior Capstone

Instructor: Elizabeth Kennedy

GWS 539A/001:  Feminist Theories 

Instructor: Miranda Joseph

GWS 605: Moral Politics

Instructor: Adam Geary

GWS 639: Feminist and Related Social Movements

Instructor: Laura Briggs

INDV/GWS 102-041 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies

Instructor: Catherine Euler

SOC 324/701:   Sociology of Sexuality  

Correspondence course

Spring 2011

ANTH 364: Natural History of our Closest Relatives

Instructor: S. Tecot

ANTH/SOC/GWS 487: Feminist Interpretations of Health

Instructor: A. Geary

ENGL 596H: Craft of Fiction: Literature of Gender and Sexual Identity

Instructor: Fenton Johnson

ENGL 596S / FSHD 596S: Youth, Sexuality, Health, and Rights

Instructors: A. Licona & S. Russell

FSHD 450: Human Sexuality and Relations

Instructor: S. Russell

GWS 309: Queer Theory

Instructor: M. Joseph

GWS 586: Transnational Feminisms

Instructor: E. Luibhéid

HIST/GWS 202: History of Modern Sexualities

Instructor: A. Geary


Instructor: E. Kennedy

INDIV 102: Lesbian & Gay Studies

Instructor: M. Joseph

PSYCH 364: Human Sexuality

Instructor: C. Wenner

SOC 324 Sociology of Sexuality

Instructor J. Willard

SOC 324-791 Sociology of Sexuality/Fully Online Course

Instructor: S. Strand

Summer Sessions 2011

Pre-Session, Web Delivered

IND 102-032: Sex, Health & AIDS


Summer Session I

IND 102-03 LGBTQ Studies

Professor Luibheid


Summer Session II, Web Delivered

INDIV 102-002: Sex, Health & AIDS