Fall 2012 and Spring 2013


Course number Course Name Instructor
GER 274:  Dialogue of the Sexes David Gramling
ENGL 696 Gender B/l/ending Rhetorics and the Rhetorical Canon Adela C. Licona

ENGL 596S / FSHD 596S:

Youth, Sexuality, Health, and Rights

Adela C. Licona and Stephen T. Russell
GWS 305 Feminist Theories Bomyung Kim
GWS 539A Feminist Theories I Miranda Joseph - Associate Professor
GWS 150B1 Gender & Contemporary Society Sandra Soto
GWS 303 Gender and Language Qing McFatter
GWS/ANTH/JPN 402 Gender and Language in Japan Margaret Camp
GWS/POL 335 Gender and Politics V. Peterson
GWS 695B Gender and the Law Leslye Obiora
SOC 222 Gender Identities, Interactions and Relationships Amanda Shutz
GWS 463 Gender Issues and Women’s Literature in the Middle East Kamran Talattof
GWS/ENGL 696M Gender, Sexuality, and International Migration Eithne Luibheld
GWS 372 Geography & Gender Sapana Doshi 
GWS 202 HIstory of Modern Sexualities Adam Geary
GWS/ENGL 351B Introduction to Lesbian/Gay Literature Barbara Cully
GWS/LING/ANTH 309 Queer Theories Adam Geary
MAS 150B1 Sex and AIDS in the 21st Century Yesenia Andrade
SOC 324 Sex and Gender Nadina Anderson
EDL 270 Social Justice Leadership Corey Seemiller
GWS/SOC 459 Sociology of Gender Megan Henley
SOC 450-SA Sociology of Gender Staff